Saturday, January 28, 2012

Happy 2012 & 2011 Updates

Ok, so it has been almost a year since my last post, I know what a shame! Well.. not that I want to find excuses but I've been pretty busy working on... moving to France. Et oui les amis! Hubby and I decided in September 2010 to go for it and see what happens. We're young (?) without children, it's now or never! Bye bye Seattle friends and family, Nordstrom, Glass Art Scene and cozy life... 
Bonjour la France, et une nouvelle vie in Nantes to be more precise. What an adventure or nightmare it depends how you want to take it! I swear, I never had a 'to do list' that long in my whole life and it requires some skills to manage everything. So 2011 has been busy working hard / budgeting / saving pennies / travelling / getting organized and ready to move. There are a few things you need to take in considerations when you want to do something like this:
How can we afford it? What to do with our stuff? How to move? How can we bring our cat? What do we want to do before leaving Seattle/USA ? How to manage my anxiety and stress level? Can you as a married couple do that w/o ending it in a divorce? What about immigration, taxes and languages? Changing countries is an Adventure and a big deal you should not take it lightly and better be ready for it! So we tried to, but of course nothing is perfect so you always end up having to deal with desagreements (like having our shipped boxes stuck at the French Customs, with no way to contact them directly...). At the end material things are not that important what is important is that we managed to do all of that together in 1 year (09/15/10 - 09/15/11). We are in France now!

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